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Carrie Underwood Plastic Surgery Fact

Showbiz world is filled with any plastic surgery case that is really surprising like, Carrie Underwood plastic surgery. No one ever knows whether she has natural beauty or even take some cosmetic surgeries to improve her beauty. However, some drastic changes on her face indicate that she might have taken some procedures to improve herself. It is can be happened since, she works in entertainment world that pushes herself to […]

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Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Story and Result

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery becomes another surgery rumor that is really famous in Hollywood. Priscilla is known as a wife of famous singer, Elvis Presley. Besides, she is famous actress that has appeared on some famous movies. However, there are some changes that are shown through her look. She seems far different than her past. She was known as beautiful actress with gorgeous face that successfully takes Elvis’ heart. In […]

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Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Gossip

Hollywood is filled with a lot of interesting gossips for example, Candace Cameron plastic surgery. It is a surgery rumor that is said to be taken by Candace. Even the artist never admits about it, some people see about some changes that are found on Candace appearance. Based on her appearance, there are some surgeries that are rumored to be taken by her. The first surgery is facelift with Botox […]

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Information regarding Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw plastic surgery is one of the popular news that is quite popular right now. Robin McGraw is known as an outstanding actress, speaker and also public figure in the show biz. One of her popular and known act is in one of the television program called Bold and Beautiful. To make her even more remarkable, Robin McGraw is also one of the best-selling authors which make her even […]

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Nicole Richie Plastic Surgery Case Discussion

Nicole Richie plastic surgery becomes one from many plastic surgery cases that are blown up in Hollywood world. Who doesn’t know about her? She is known as one of Hollywood actress that is admired by many people. Her acting talent is really incredible and she get many positive critics toward her acting skill. Despite all compliments that are given to her, she is beautiful yet, very famous. However, some people […]

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Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgery Result and Choice

Kate Bosworth plastic surgery is one of the popular cases on celebrity plastic surgery. Kate Bosworth herself is known for her acting career in Hollywood where she has starring on many different movies. However, what makes her become a great star is when she starred on blue crush movie which is released on the year of 2002. During her acting career in this movie she has become one of the […]

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Cher Plastic Surgery Results Before and After

As we known, plastic surgery is not a rare thing in this day, one of the examples of recent plastic surgery news is Cher plastic surgery. Cher is known as one of the famous people, public figure and also celebrities which are known as one of the legend in pop song industries. Therefore, it is quite normal and common for her to undergo plastic surgery in a means to enhance […]

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Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Rumor Discussion

Park Shin Hye plastic surgery is included as one from many surgery cases that are discussed by a lot of people in this world. As many people know, South Korean is on the spotlight nowadays. Its culture, music, fashion, and other thing from the country is favored by many people. However, Korea is also known as a country that is included on the top-rank plastic surgery country. There are a […]

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Julie Chen Plastic Surgery News and Truth

Julie Chen plastic surgery is another interesting surgery case that is being a popular topic among many people. It is conducted by a woman named Julie Chen to change some imperfect body parts on her body Through some surgery procedures, she has been successfully transform herself into someone who is far different than her old appearance. Hence, her decision for having a surgery is right. Through this article, you will […]